About MobileMonday Belfast

What is MobileMonday?  
Founded in Helsinki in 2000, MobileMonday (http://www.mobilemonday.net/) is now the most developed mobile industry-related community and event organiser. Mobilemonday is a not-for-profit organization, already running in 60 cities around the world and 500 events are expected to be held worldwide in 2008. MobileMonday’s main activities are the community’s face-to-face gatherings one Monday every month and social networking on the MobileMonday.net websites and blogs (each city chapter has its site & blog) and newsletter.

The MobileMonday Belfast chapter is actively networking with other chapters around the world to offer a more global exposure to speakers and discussions, and help the rest of the world discover the talents in mobile technology locked-up in Northern Ireland.

MobileMonday in Belfast  
MobileMonday Belfast is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 2008 and run by volunteers Colm Hayden and Norbert Sagnard (see profiles in next paragraph). It is the only mobile-centric regular event in Northern Ireland, also focusing on convergence and bridges between the Internet and mobile industry. MobileMonday Belfast will be hosting monthly meeting to debate topcis such as mobile advertising, mobile user-generated content, mobile TV, mobile payment and transactions and many more!

MobileMonday Belfast is focussed on attracting senior-level speakers who are local or international entrepreneurs and mobile firms, MNOs looking for innovative mobile strategies, Venture Capitalists, the media and industry analysts.

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Colm Hayden
Technical Director, Mobility Data Systems
Colm has a broad ranging technical experience from several leading edge telecoms software companies and industry associations. Colm is currently Technical Director of Mobility Data Systems (MDS) where he provides strategic direction on MDS’s M-Serve product development and provides consultancy to various MDS clients. Among other responsibilities, Colm acts as technical director for both the Mobile Advertising Alliance and the SDP Alliance. As co-founder and Technical Director of Responsian, Colm architected and led the development several n-tier e-government and enterprise applications. At AePONA Colm led an early R&D team developing the client component for the company’s successful Parlay gateway product. While at Apion, Colm was lead architect on JAIN, a global SUN Microsystems led initiative. Colm was responsible for defining several extensions to the Java platform for various telecoms protocols and for producing numerous convergent prototypes. At BT, Colm was responsible for developing a component of a global Frame Relay project. Colm was recognised by the British Computer Society as the most outstanding computers student to graduate in his year from University of Ulster. Colm holds a 1st Class Honours degree in Computing & Information Systems form University of Ulster.
Norbert Sagnard
Managing Consultant, Sagnard Marketing Associates 
Starting his career in 1990 in Germany, Norbert Sagnard developed his marketing know-how in international marketing and business development roles with ICT companies Motorola, GE Information Services, Mannesmann and Logica. Early 2003 Norbert set up a technology marketing consultancy to work on strategy, market research and communications with start-up telecom vendors and mobile operators. In 2005 he expanded it to Sagnard Marketing Associates, a network of fellow marketing consultants in Europe, Asia and America to deliver global projects for clients such as Altobridge, Ammeon, Arantech, Business Logic Systems, Jinny Software, Mobile Cohesion, the Mobile Advertising Alliance, Monaco Telecom, The SDP Alliance, T-Mobile and Vodafone Japan. As a ‘Passport to Export’ consultant for Invest Northern Ireland, he has researched technology markets worldwide for Arcatech, Being, Bluechip Technologies, Consilium, Inspecvision, Streamon and Yarra Software. Since March 2008, Norbert is the co-founder of MobileMonday Belfast, the Northern Ireland chapter of MobileMonday, the global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influencers fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets. As a seasoned expert and researcher, Norbert is also a regular speaker at local and international events on the mobile and internet industries.


MobileMonday Belfast is kindly sponsored by Invest Northern Ireland.


Software company Anaeko and technology marketing consultants Sagnard Marketing Associates are passionate about organising MobileMonday Belfast on a voluntary free basis, but are fully dependent on the support from sponsors to offer free networking events 10 times a year to the local mobile technology community. 


All of the MobileMonday Belfast presentations are available for download. Click here to view all files.

You can also view photos of previous events.

NI Community Websites

MobileMonday Belfast aims to unite the Northern Irish mobile community. Listed below are other Northern Irish networking communities and websites that MobileMonday reccommends

NI Community Websites

MobileMonday Belfast aims to unite the Northern Irish mobile community. Listed below are other Northern Irish networking communities and websites that MobileMonday reccommends