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MobileMonday launches in Northern Ireland

Belfast welcomes world’s leading networking and educational community in the mobile technology industryBelfast, 11th April 2008 –

MobileMonday, the public online community which aims to bring together developers, decision-makers, researchers and funding agencies from the mobile industry, is coming to Northern Ireland with the establishment of MobileMonday Belfast.The launch will take place on Monday 21st April with an early evening event at the Radisson hotel in Belfast, with leading industry speakers discussing the topic of “Mobile Advertising”.MobileMonday organises monthly events, international conventions and offers an online community and newsletters. Its main objectives are to promote innovation within the mobile industry, to encourage networking amongst different organisations and to communicate industry trends, research findings and future projections.Co-founder of MobileMonday Belfast and CTO of Mobility Data Systems, Colm Hayden, said, “The benefits for local companies will be for their staff to network with other professionals with mobile communication interests based here, as well as meeting international mobile industry speakers invited on various occasions. Participants will also have the opportunity to present their company to a worldwide audience at very low cost.”Norbert Sagnard, co-founder of MobileMonday Belfast and Managing Consultant with Sagnard Marketing Associates, added, “Every year, Mobile Monday organises a Peer Awards and a Global Summit, where we hope to place innovative local companies in front of a global audience of mobile professionals. We also expect 700 events in 2008 in 70 different cities around the world with more than 90,000 participants. These figures make MobileMonday the world’s leading event organiser – and it’s here, right now, in Northern Ireland!

Notes to editors:

MobileMonday is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influencers fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets. The organisation behind MobileMonday is a Finnish Not-for-Profit Organisation called MobileMonday Oy, which coordinates the global community with the help of more than 300 volunteers, worldwide.MobileMonday has six main objectives, which are, to encourage innovation within the mobile sector, to facilitate networking between small and large, and local and foreign companies, to help local companies participate effectively in international initiatives through the import and export of visions, concepts, technologies, know-how and best practices, to present innovative visions, trends, studies and forecasts from the mobile marketplace, to facilitate and create partnerships, and to contribute to the education of the broader public through its publications, online presence and media partnerships.For further information please contact:

Norbert Sagnard
Co-founder of MobileMonday Belfast
(M) 07884 187 727
Local site: and global site:


MobileMonday Belfast is kindly sponsored by Invest Northern Ireland.


Software company Anaeko and technology marketing consultants Sagnard Marketing Associates are passionate about organising MobileMonday Belfast on a voluntary free basis, but are fully dependent on the support from sponsors to offer free networking events 10 times a year to the local mobile technology community. 


All of the MobileMonday Belfast presentations are available for download. Click here to view all files.

You can also view photos of previous events.

NI Community Websites

MobileMonday Belfast aims to unite the Northern Irish mobile community. Listed below are other Northern Irish networking communities and websites that MobileMonday reccommends

NI Community Websites

MobileMonday Belfast aims to unite the Northern Irish mobile community. Listed below are other Northern Irish networking communities and websites that MobileMonday reccommends